Earnings, Leagues and APM

[Update 14.02.2021: seems that my (very) old post is getting a lot of views! I think it is still relevant although the data is from 2013. Was looking to update it with new data but it seems it is not available — if anyone finds something more up to date, please let me know!]

I really love PC games. I’ve been playing them since childhood and I hope I’ll keep up till I’m old and grumpy ☺ One of the games I’m currently playing is Starcraft 2. It is a Real Time Strategy where you play…

Data visualisation can be a powerful tool helping you understand your data and present it to other people

Hello everyone! This is the first blog post concerning my new project — Data Dojo. This idea came out of my interest in data visualisation and how incredibly awesome it can be ☺ And yet it is still a big problem to do it right and be able to show a fascinating story hidden behind raw data.

In our times many people work with data on a day-to-day basis. Marketers, scientists, journalists and analysts have to understand their data and then present it to other people. It can be…

Michał Krajewski

Dad, husband, product manager. Passionate about data science, startups & technology.

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